Customers of Colin Bell Plumbing and Heating are now served by JDL Electrical, Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

York plumbers with over 30 years experience

Whatever the plumbing problem we can help. Our plumbers are all apprentice trained and experienced in all aspects of plumbing work. Listed below are some of the extensive plumbing services we can provide to both residential properties and businesses in York and the surrounding area. We guarantee the work to be carried out to the highest standard and will clear up and dispose of the rubbish when the job is finished to your satisfaction.

We deal with all types of plumbing work including:

  • Immersion heaters – Econnomy 7 or on peak electricity immersion heaters can last from 2 to 3 years up to 20 years before they need replacing. We would be happy to repair or supply and fit new.
  • Leaks – We can repair or replace leaking taps, showers, shower cubicles, boilers, radiators and toilets.
  • Burst Pipes – With the last few winters causing so many burst pipes we would recommend that all pipes in lofts and under floors be protected from frost with the appropriate lagging. Repairs to burst water lead pipes, frozen pipes also carried out.
  • Overflows – If your overflow is dripping from your cylinder, tank or toilet we can repair or replace them.
  • Toilets and Macerated toilet (Saniflo’s) – Problems with the flushing mechanism, is it leaking or blocked? We can repair or replace.
  • Cylinders – We can supply new traditional or modern unvented cylinders, we have specialised unvented engineers.
  • Tanks – Leeks on cold water storage tanks or old galvanised steel tanks can be repaired or tanks the replaced.
  • Pumps – Shower pumps, drainage pumps and central heating circulating pumps can all be repaired, installed or replaced.
  • Bathrooms – Advice and a free quote can be given on the bathroom of your dreams. We have tradesmen that we use to tile, do joinery, electrics, building work, stud walls and plastering.
  • Wet rooms – Wet rooms are great especially if you have a disability or just find it hard to get into the bath.
  • En suites – No more cues for the bathroom your bedroom can have a wonderful en suite it is surprising how little space you need we can fit an en suite into your bedroom for you.
  • Showers – We can install full shower cubicles including tiling or Mermaid panels, bath/ shower screens, or repair leaks. Manual or electric showers can be repaired (dependant on parts available) or replaced.
  • Baths – New baths (including corner or cast iron) & basins can be supplied and fitted. Replacement baths can usually be fitted with minimal damage to surrounding tiles.
  • Taps – All taps from stop taps, outside taps kitchen mixers, bath and basin taps can be repaired or replaced.
  • Waste disposal units – Waste disposal units fit under the kitchen sink and shred food waste so that it can be worked away down the waste pipes they sometimes get blocked we are happy to unblock or install new.
  • Waste traps and drainage – Do you need new drainage pipes underground, under floors or above. Is your waste trap or waste pipes slow to empty?
  • Drainage – Do you need new drainage, to upgrade existing pipes, add additional or do they just need unblocking?
  • Guttering and fall pipes – We can clear and unblock fall pipes as well as renewing all old cast iron, asbestos or plastic guttering and fall pipes.
  • Soil and vent stacks – Leaks on soil and vent stacks can be repaired (cast iron plastic or asbestos) or replaced.

Thank You

Fortunately for me (Colin) I have now retired and JDL have taken on our employees and customer base.I would like to thank all of the customers of Colin Bell Plumbing and Heating for their loyal custom and support of my business over the years. I have no doubt that JDL (with the help of Jonny and Dave) will continue to give you a fantastic service and meet all of your Plumbing and Heating demands. JDL are an established Electrical, Plumbing and Heating service company based in York.